Popcorn & Cranberry Garland

As you know I love Christmas time and I enjoy creating decorations for our house from every day items.

This week I wanted the to decorate the dinning room area of our kitchen using everyday items from my kitchen cupboards. After raiding through the many jars filled with all sorts of interesting cooking ingredients in my kitchen, I found some dried cranberry’s and popping corn which I thought would make a interesting garland over the dinning room table

Popcorn & Cranberry Garland

Sorry this photo is not very good but this what my finished garland looks like hanging from my dinning room ceiling.

To make this garland all you need are 4 every day  items and evening in from of the television.


  1. Pop your popping Corn To do this add half a teaspoon of cooking oil into a sauce pan and add a small handful of popping corn on top of the oil and stir so all your popping corn is covered in oil. Add the lid to your pan and place on a high heat. Once the oil has heated up your popping corn will start popping into to popcorn. Every now and  again carefully shack your pan to move the pop corn around the pan. (DO NOT TIP UPSIDE DOWN) Once the popping noise has stopped your pop corn to ready. Take of the heat and tip into a bowl to cool down.
  2. Empty your cranberries into a bowl and set to one side. (you could use dried oranges, dried apples as well)
  3. Cut a long enough strip of detail floss that you want your garland to be and then tie a knot to one end then thread your needle through the other end
  4. Now its time to create your garland. (I started with the popcorn but you can start with the cranberries if you wish) Thread your needle through the popcorn and then slide your popcorn down to the knot. Continue threading on your popcorn until you feel you have enough and want to change to the cranberries. (I used a pattern of 10 popcorn and 10 cranberries)
  5. Once you have threaded all your popcorn and cranberries and are happy with your garland slide your needle of the dental floss and tie a knot.

IMG_1123Your  popcorn and cranberry garland will look something like this

Now you are ready to hang your garland, they not only look lovely hanging from your ceiling but they also look great wrapped around Christmas tress or wrapped out a tree in your garden for the birds to feed off.

I would love to see photos of your lovely  garlands, post your pics on our Facebook page for us all to see and get inspiration from your creative designs.


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