Scented Tree Decoration Tutorial

I love Christmas time but also I love the run up to Christmas just as much. This is because I love making decorations for our home and gifts for our loved ones.

Last year I made loads fabric trees, filled them with different scents and hung them all over our house mixed in with lots of other Christmas decorations. Several of my friends asked me over the Christmas period how I had made them, so this year I thought I would share with you all how to make these simple Christmas tree decorations.

All you need to make the tree is  some scrap fabric,  string, pins, scissors, fabric pencil or air pen and card for your template.

For the filling you will need some soft toy stuffing and any herbs, spices or dried flowers you would like to scent your trees with. I used lavender and rose petals in mine.

To make the tree template I took a piece of scrap card and drew a triangle 10 cm wide by 10 cm high and then measured 2 cm either side of the central mark on the bottom width of triangle and 4 cm down from those marks to create the trunk. (see pic above for lay out of my markings) Cut out out your tree shape and you have your template.

Fold your fabric in half  so the right sides of your fabric are facing each other and pin the fabric together. Then take your template and draw around your cardboard tree on to the fabric. Cut a length string and fold in half, place the looped end of the string between the two pieces of fabric so the ends are poking out of  the edges of the fabric at the top  centre of the tree. Pin into place so the string does not move. (This will end up being the loop you can hang your tree from) 

Sew along the lines of your tree starting at the trunk, remembering to leave a gap along the bottom of the truck so you can turn your tree inside out when you have finished. When you get to the tip of your tree back stitch over were your string is to ensure the string is well attached. (you can either sew by hand or sew by machine like I did) 

Once you have sewed all around  your tree discard the pins and leaving a 5 mm boarder cut around your sewn tree. Then make a snip at an angle, at the bottom square edges of your tree trunk  and snip a angle at the top of  your tree trunk. (please make sure you do not snip through your stitching)

Then turn your tree inside out, push all the corners out and iron.

Here comes the fun part stuffing your tree.  Stuff your tree with a mixture of toy stuffing and your choice of sent. Only stuff the body of the tree and NOT the trunk.  Once your tree is stuffed fold the gap at the bottom of the trunk and hand sew the gap up using a slip stitch so your stitches can not be seen.

Now sew along the top of the trunk and down the middle of the truck to create a trunk like feeling.

Enjoy decorating your lovely home with your scented tree decorations.

They will look great either hanging on their own or as a group.

So how did you get on making your trees? If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I would love to see your fabric tree decorations you have created please post them on Emu’s facebook page for us all to enjoy.


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