Designing And Making Your Own Journal

I was really pleased to open my family home up yesterday to a design and make your own journal yesterday. These courses are one on one with me were you can design and then create your own journal using a free motion stitching technique.

My student Mell arrived with loads of ideas and some sketches of what she would like on the front of her journal. Mell wanted to create a journal to note down all the interesting recipes that she finds on her travels.


We started to morning my choosing fabric and cutting out different elements of Mell’s design. Then is was time to play on the sewing machine. After talking Mell through the basics of free motion sewing Mell was off creating different patterns on a scrap piece of fabric.


Once Mell was confident using the free motion sewing technique, Mell started to sew her design on to her journal. Starting with the out line and then creating all the detailed stitching.


After completing all the art work on the front of her journal we then choose the fabric she would like to use for the inside cover. We then looked at cutting the inside fabric and seeing it all together to make her complete journal.


Mell was really pleased with journal she had created and all the new skills she had learned through out the day.

Our day was full of cups of tea, cake, a lovely lunch, non stop laughter as well as producing a fantastic journal for Mell’s recipe’s.

If you are interested in attending one of my open house design and make your own journal workshop please email me at



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