I So Love Snail Mail

There was a time when I looked forward to the post coming through the door and the little hand written envelope would fall on the mat. I new there had to be something special inside. Then curling up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and sink into the contents of the delightful news loved ones had sent me.

Not only that feeling of feeling special reading a hand written letter but also the feeling of joy sitting at my desk with special paper writing back to my loved ones of all the exciting things that has been going on in my family life.

These days its bills and junk mail that land on the mat and with all the technology that is available at my figure tips I can catch up with loved ones through social networking and text as soon as things have happened.

Picture Taken From http://myolivebox.com

To my delight I came across a fantastic web site called Olive Box, who post out to you once a month a box full of delightful box full of goodies for you to enjoy that are made from good old paper. For example their October box contains a lovely journal called “My Beautiful Life”, boutique design card, Tiny celebration pack of confetti and a “You Are Loved” sticker from Olive Box.

This delightful box landing on my door step would be heaven and only at the small cost of £46.75 for 3 months or you can opt in for longer or just 1 month.

Right I am off to order my delight and once more enjoy the post coming to my door.


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