Tea Bag Travel Cases Tutorial

My Mum inspired me to make these. She loves drinking green tea or fruit tea’s. 
I keep a box of fruit tea in my cupboard for her when she pops over. 
But it got me thinking what if she could have a case that could hold her favourite tea bags and small enough to slip into her hand bag. Then my Mum could have her favourite tea were ever she was. 
So here they are

They are so easy to make and you don’t need a lot of sewing skills either.
All you need is :- Scrap fabric
Hair Elastic
Sewing Machine

  1. Draw on some card 2 rectangles one measuring 17 cm x 11 cm and another 17 cm x 6 cm. After cutting out the card rectangles draw around them onto the wrong side of the fabric you have chosen and cut them out. You will need 2 big rectangles and 2 small rectangles. 
  2. Sew a seem of 1 cm along the top of the small rectangles. These are going to be your pockets. Then line the first pocket onto one of the large rectangles. This rectangle should be 2 cm up from the bottom of the large rectangle. Pin and then sew along the bottom edge of the first pocket.
  3. Pin the second pocket to the same large rectangle, this should be lined up with the bottom of the large rectangle. Sew along the edge as close as you can.
  4. Now take the second large rectangle and sew your button a few cm in from one of the short edges and sew the hair elastic to the other short edge. (You need to sew the hair elastic as close to the edge as possible. This is only to hold the hair elastic in place while you sew everything together.
  5. Lay both large rectangles together with right sides facing each other. (Make sure the pockets will ended up the right way around) Pin and sew all the way around leaving a small gap so you can turn your case inside out. (There is a 1 cm seem allowance to this pattern.
  6. Turn your case inside out and iron your case. Fold in the edges of the gap and iron over the top the create a crease. Now sew all around your case as close to the edge as you can. Then fold you case in half and pin in the middle line as a maker. Sew down he middle to create 4 pockets.
Your tea bag travel case should look like this.
Now fill with your lovely tea and enjoy having your favourite tea were ever you are.



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