T-Shirts Too Dog Toys

If own a dog you will now how pricey dog toys can be and if you don’t well they cost a lot and don’t last that long due to all the chewing they get.
You can therefore imagine my excitement when I came across a tutorial on how to make your own dog toy at   lanaredstudio.com
So I thought I would give it ago

1 – Take some old T-Shirts or Old clothes that are stretchy (here I took some old t-shirts that my children had grown out off)
2 – Cut up your old clothe into strands approx 2cm by 60cm (depending on the length of fabric you are cutting up)
3 – Bring all the tops of your strands of fabric together and tie them into a big knot.
You can either place something heavy on to the knot to stop it moving or you can just place it between your knees like I did and hold it tight with your knees.
Separate your strands into three sections and start plaiting a three strand plait. (Pull on the fabric hard while you do this and make sure your plait is very tight.
When you get near the end tie all the strands together into another big knot.
4 – Trim the ends of the fabric and you are then ready to watch your dog enjoy his new toy

These toys are easy to wash and when they get chewed up pass your toy onto the rag man and make another one from some more old cloths

I gave the toy I made to my parents dogs and they had such a fun time playing with their new rag toy.



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