Experimenting With Different Textures

On my desk this week is a great book called Creative Embellishing By Teresa Searle. 
I loved this book as soon as I picked it! To be honest the front cover sold me striate away with it’s bright colours and interesting textures. 
Teresa Searle has introduced to me to embellisher machines and although I do not have one yet, I have added it to my Christmas wish list. (Which seams to be getting longer by the day)
Basically its a sewing machine with lots of needles that you never need to thread. The needles are like barbed  wire, so each time they puncture a collection on fabrics and mixes the fibres up, similar to what happens when you felt. Creating a whole new piece of fabric all bound together like magic.
You can use different types of fabric to create all sorts of different effects from lace, cotton, silk, synthetic and wool. Your choice is endless!
This book is jam packet with different projects from making fabric from fibres, knitting yarns, scarf’s, corsages, cushions, greeting cards, bowls and patchwork.
Each project has easy to follow instructions and large bright photos, enabling you to create stunning one off pieces.
I am looking forward to trying out some of the projects and I am interested to hear from anyone who has either used a embellisher machine or created any of projects from this book. 
You can post your creations on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/emusupcycledgifts 

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