Creative, Recycling Bed Time Reading

Each week I am going to wright a book review on one of the books I am currently reading. This week I am starting with a great book on recycling your old clothes.
Junky Styling Wardrobe Surgery Book Review
This book written by Annika Sanders & Kerry Seager is a fantastic book for people who want to learn how to create a new outfit from an old outfit in their wardrobe they no longer want to wear. For example how to reconstruct old trousers into a stylish skirt or how to reconstruct a shirt into an a wrap top ideal for wearing out for a meal or blinging up for a wedding outfit. 
Not only are there fantastic projects for you to try out with very clear step by step instructions but also the book is full of great ideas you can make once you have learnt the basics on how to destruct a piece of clothing and reconstruct it together into a different design.
So off to the wardrobe I go to start taking part all those old outfits apart and create myself a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny. Oh how my hubby will love that!
Happy reading the Junky Styling book and creating your new wardrobe.

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