Read, Relax & Learn! What Are You Reading Today?

I love reading different things from Biography’s, Fiction, Blogs, Magazines. Not only do they help me relax but they also help the creative juices flow. I always end up having a sketch pad and pencil next to me while I am reading a good book as different designs just pop into my head.

Yesterday I was sat on WHSMITH floor next to the the magazines waiting for my daughter to get over her tantrum that I would not buy her two new comics, only one! (She is so negligent) Any way while sitting there I started to brows the magazines and this new magazine shone out from all the others. 

Molly Makes – Is a great magazine, with interesting interviews with mixed textile designers, friendly chatter and interesting tutorials. I is like reading a blog but in paper form. I so recommend you go and get your self a copy. But be warned once you buy one you will be hooked.  

They also have a great blog page with even more exciting news and talents, which is also well worth a look here


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