Olympics Have Come To Town

I have the pleasure of living in the delightful county of Cornwall. Not a huge amount goes on in Cornwall for us to spread all over the national newspapers and on the national news. But this year the Olympics were coming to town. On the 19th of May 2012 the Olympic Torch landed in Lands end to travel by foot all the way to London in time for the Olympic games. 

My family are lucky to live about 15 minutes from one of the towns the Olympic Torch was going to pass through. So at 2.45 I shut up my pop up shop early and headed down to the main street of St.Austell to meet up with my family to welcome the torch to town.

The atmosphere was great, the who community came out to welcome the torch as well as the sunshine. The town center was full of traditional market stalls and fun activities for the children to take part in. Through out the parks around the town their was sport days type activities and BBQ’s.

My youngest daughter waiting                                                                 My son taking everything in
My dad and son taking photos 

My husband and middle daughter waiting for the torch                                        My son’s friend 

The Olympic Torch bike riders car 

The Coca Cola bus. They were giving out limited edition coke bottles but unfortunately we did not get one.  

 The Samsung Bus

The Lloyds TSB Stunt Bike Riders

The Lloyds TSB bus
The Olympic Torch 
Is was a great afternoon, so exciting to part of welcoming the Olympic torch to the UK Olympic games and another story to tell the grandchildren. (In many years I hope)

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